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Marvel Legends Binary Review

What’s going on, fellow collectors? Welcome to another ANR Review!

Today we are looking at a rather obscure character moment in the life of Carol Danvers: her Binary superhero alias in figure form.

This form of Carol Danvers appeared in Uncanny X-Men 164. Due to her unique physiology and further experimentation by the brood, Carol’s full potential was unlocked. Her Marvel powers she once had and lost due to being stolen by Rogue returned in a new form.


  • Standard box with open window

  • Art on the side

  • Write up on the back

Let's get this open!



  • Height is almost 7 inches including hair

  • The hair looks kind of odd but it is accurate to the comic

  • Hasbro just showed off a new body with Shriek but they reverted back to this lean one instead. Carol is a physically fit female so this is a missed opportunity to be accurate to the comic.

  • She has the same slender body as Sue Storm, Spider-Woman, Boom Boom, etc.


  • Head

    • Ball hinge neck

    • Head swivels, up and down

  • Body

    • Shoulder swivel and hinge

    • Single jointed elbows

    • Wrist swivel

    • Upper body diaphragm joint

  • Legs

    • Thigh cut

    • Double jointed knees

    • Ankle rocker and hinge


  • Flame effects


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