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SV-Action Peter B. Parker Unboxing Review

If you are familiar with our Youtube channel, you may have seen some of our past videos on our Spider-related heroes and if this is your first time here, feel free to check those out as well!

This time, our newest edition is the SV Action Peter B. Parker from the Into the Spider-Verse film.


  • Since this is the Deluxe version, this box is quite large.

  • Like the previous Miles Morales figure, this box keeps with the same stylized theme.

  • Very nice colours with a stylized version of New York.


Do you think this is a decent box for in-box collectors?


  • Like the Miles figure, this guy captures the stylized look straight from the movie.


  • The head is on a dumbbell joint.

  • The base of the neck is on an independent joint as well.

  • The shoulders don’t appear to have a butterfly joint. They tried different engineering.

    • PROS: Based on the design and the cuts they made it has good range.

    • CONS: Gaps at certain angles.

  • Double jointed elbows.

  • Wrist ball peg.

  • Upper body diaphragm joint.

  • Waist is also on a joint.

  • The leg socket and joint has decent rotation without a thigh cut.

  • Double jointed knees.

  • Ankle articulation.

  • Toe articulation.


This might be the coolest part.

  • Alternate waist to make Peter Benjamin Parker (blonde).

    • Alternate head.

  • Spider-Man additional head part.

  • 2 Peter B. Parker head parts.

  • Peter Parker head part.

  • 6 pairs of hands.

  • Coffee cup holding hand.

  • Glasses.

  • Newspaper.

  • 4 Web effect parts.

  • Statue base.

  • Action base.

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