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TOP FIVE GI Joe from Hasbro Pulse Con 2021

1. Dr. Mind Bender

We got Major Bludd and Zartan, now we need Dr. Mind Bender. A dentist that went crazy after damaging his brain during an experiment to find a cure to alleviate pain for his patients. How badass would this guy look on our shelves next to some of the baddies we already got?!

2. Rock and Roll

As a kid, I had this figure and he is a total 80’s type of hero. He’s got his camo outfit, all the bullets, pockets and his dual machine guns. He would definitely hit all nostalgic spots for GI Joe fans.

3. Rip Cord

A GI Joe figure with a parachute, hmmmm, yes please! I would absolutely love to have a unique figure like that in my collection. I would also throw him out of a second floor building or a high vantage point just to see if he glides down.

4. Tunnel Rat

He is the point man for the GI Joe team. The first guy to go into tunnels and sewers. I just love the way he looks. The paint marks on his face and camo markings on his hands would make this a really cool figure in any GI Joe fan's collection.

5. Tomax and Xamot

This has to be a two pack. What a two pack this would be. These two are mirror images of each other. Everything is opposite for them from the the way their hair parts to how the uniforms they wear. I loved watching these two finish each others sentences. These two are an absolute must and I really hope its not an exclusive.

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