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Top 5 Methods To Beat Scalpers.

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Get astonished by our top 5 methods to beat scalpers.

To newcomers and people who are collecting, let's talk about what scalpers do and some of the annoyances they bring to the collecting world. More specifically, here's what you can do to beat them at their own game.

5. Join Community Groups

Local or national dedicated toy collector groups can really be a huge help.

I have local groups that have helped me on several occasions get hard to find figures.

4. Preorder, preorder, preorder

This will save you the hassle and take the stress out of your toy hunt.

3. Patience, patience, patience

Don't rush to buy something from scalpers thinking that you will never get the figure you want. I personally have never had an issue getting a figure I wanted - and my collection takes up my house.

2. Contact your local toy stores and inform them about bot and scalper methods

Often times, if you email or speak to a manager at your local store, changes can be made. Feedback is important to the store and the more people that complain, the more serious the stores will look into the matter.

1. Stop buying in the secondary market.

If you buy the often over-inflated prices this will only encourage scalpers to continue.

Happy hunting and make sure to head to our YouTube channel for more scalper trends!

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